Mannheimia haemolytica & Pasteurella multocida

  • M. haemolytica is the number one cause of bacterial pneumonia
  • Newport uses leukotoxin assay to aid in isolate selection of M. haemolytica
  • A dual fermentation manufacturing process is utilized to enhance leukotoxin and IROMP (Iron Regulated Outer Membrane Protein) expression in the product


Enhancing Leukotoxin and IROMP Levels in the Production of Autogenous Bacterins

Bovine pasteurellosis caused by Mannheimia haemolytica, primarily due to serotypes A1, A6 and A9, results in a severe fibrinous pneumonia. Several virulence factors have been identified with this organism, including cytotoxic leukotoxin and outer membrane proteins. Some virulence factors, specifically outer membrane proteins, are considered to be cross-reacting and capable of cross-protection, but some appear to be serotype specific.

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