Utilizing Newport Laboratories’ PINPOINT® (autogenous) EVIDENCE-BASED BIOLOGICS SM technology, and SolidTech®'s patented SoliDose® process veterinarians and producers have endless options for their livestock health. SoliDose technology gives you the ability to administer two doses of vaccine at the same time.

Using the SoliDoser device, tiny pellets are administered subcutaneously in the neck or in the base of the ear. The Immediate Release(IR) antigen pellet(s) provide the initial dose. The Programmed Release (PR) antigen pellet(s) provide an
automatic booster dose.

SoliDose Key Features

  • Extremely low endotoxin: Proprietary technology produces Gram-negative bacterins with consistently low free endotoxins, often dramatically lower than conventional products.
  • BQA-tissue friendly: Low subcutaneous dose in the neck or in the base of the ear.
  • Small needle diameter: Less injection site trauma.
  • Optimize your profits and minimize stress: Initial and booster doses administered together, resulting in less labor cost and fewer times through the chute!
  • No mixing or waste: Doses are pre-measured and ready-to-use.
  • No risk of contaminated partial bottles.

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